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viking recycling certificates

Have you come across a
Viking Recycling Certificate?

Viking Recycling is committed to ensuring that our partners adhere to environmental standards and make conscientious efforts to reduce the emission of Green House Gasses. We take pride in issuing every one of our clients with an individually-numbered Certificate to highlight that they have taken part in our recycling program.

By verifying the authenticity of a Viking Recycling Certificate, you are not only ensuring that the party displaying the Certificate has participated in our program, but also helping us identify the misuse of our Certificates.

If you have come across one of our Certificates (pictured below) and would like to confirm whether the party displaying these Certificates has actually earned them, please fill in our authentication form and we shall get back to you with the relevant details.

Sample COR 2024.png

EXAMPLE PDF/Print Certificate

CHeck Certificate Authenticity

On the bottom right hand corner of the PDF/Print Certificate you should find a Certificate Number. Please provide your answer (Certificate Number), so that we can cross-reference it and verify authenticity.

This is the name of the Company displaying the Viking Recycling Certificate. If you are referring to a PDF/Print Certificate, the Company Name should be Printed under the Certificate Title. If you are referring to an Email Certificate, the company name should be on the from address of the sender in whose Email you found this Certificate. (Sample Certificates are displayed above for your reference).

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I have read and accept the Terms of Use & Privacy policy and understand that Viking Recycling may contact me in response to my query.

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