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Carpet & Ceiling Tile Recycling

At Viking Recycling, we are enthusiastic about recycling commercial carpet and ceiling tiles. With the goal of preventing such material from being deposited at landfills, we strive to give your excess new life.


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Remember, we recognize our clients' efforts in creating a greener future! We take pride in issuing every one of our clients with a Certificate to highlight that they have taken part in our recycling program with an aim to become environmentally sustainable businesses. To leanr more about our Certificate program, click here.


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NOTE: The Material needs to be placed on Skids at the Pick-up Location's receiving bay.

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"As a global airline, Air Canada has a responsibility to leave less of an environmental impact on our planet and to do more in our communities. Working with Viking Recycling to repurpose our old pilot uniforms let us do just that while ensuring our branded items were securely handled. The textiles were diverted from landfill and used to create a positive impact on the Toronto community."

- Air Canada


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