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At Viking Recycling, we provide a range of services to help our clients make the best use of excess and unwanted material.  May it be Carpet or other materials, we have services to help recycle and upcycle these items, giving them new life.


We help our clients with Commercial Carpet Removal, Excess Auditing, Recycling Services, Product Destruction, Carpet Rentals and also have Upcycled and Recycled Finished Products.


Our experienced team provides a range of services to remove and recycle your carpet. Specializing in recycling carpet (both tile and broadloom), our experts work with you to ensure that your material is sustainably managed to meet your environmental objectives.

Carpet Recycling Services

Ceiling Tile Recycling

Viking Recycling is experienced in the removal and recycling of ceiling tiles. All materials that pass through Viking Recycling's facilities are audited with a hazardous materials report and recycled back into ceiling tile.

Ceiling Tile Recycling

REMOVAl & Deconstruction SERVICES

Our experienced team provides Removal Services for Carpet, VCT and Ceiling tile. We ensure that all projects are completed safely and on schedule. Our team can also conduct on-site sorting to determine what materials can be reused and what can be recycled.

You can achieve additional cost savings by establishing a direct relationship with Viking Recycling and rest assured that your materials will be diverted from landfill.

Removal Services


With several years of experience in recycling, Viking Recycling's team is equipped to handle many forms of material extraction. We can help drive efficiencies through material and cost savings in construction, renovations and demolitions.


Our experts work with you to understand your requirements and develop an action plan to ensure minimal disruption to schedules and deliver maximum efficiency to help your project see completion with a positive impact on the environment.



Our Toronto facility has the necessary equipment and security to ensure your excess materials and products are destroyed to your specification.  Through both shredding and manual attention to material separation, Viking Recycling provides audited, sustainable solutions for your business.

Landfill Diversion


We are highly motivated to divert all materials from our landfills. We actively seek opportunities to assist businesses with removal and recycling services to reduce the barriers that otherwise hinder the recycling and reuse of materials.


Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you to introduce and improve your sustainable business practices.


Looking for a place where you can rent carpet for your event? Viking Recycling offers great options for carpet rental for your corporate function or private party, such as carpet tile or broadloom. We offer a complete sustainable solution, including the transportation, installation and removal of the carpet. The best part, your carpet will never go to landfill.



What most people call 'Waste Auditing' we like to call 'Excess Auditing'.  Our professional auditing services don't look at it as waste.  We can assess the quantity, quality and various costs associated with your excess materials.

Our 3R Certified™ experts can provide you with a cost-benefit analysis of how you could save by recycling your excess material.

Our Audits Encompass:​

  • Analysis of Excess by Category (Carpet, Electronics, Other Heavy Durable Materials, Etc.)

  • ​Annual Excess Generation Survey

  • Evaluation of Current 'Waste' Management Processes



We make it simple to recycle!

If you are unable to drop off materials you would like to have recycled, we will come to you. Servicing all of Canada, Viking Recycling will coordinate a convenient pick up of material from your location/site.

Our Logistics Team can provide timely quotes for transportation across Canada into our Viking facilities.

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