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Viking Excess (VXS) is Viking Recycling's unique line of products created from recycled materials and those materials we have saved from going to landfill.  

Using sorting, separation and upcycling processes, VXS products are as good as new!


VXS Carpet

VXS is about working towards 'Highest and Best Use'. The carpet we save from landfill BEFORE going to recycle has an inherent value - sometimes it can still be used as carpet!  Energy has been put into making this product, so if it is in good condition, we use it for its intended use. CARPET.  

In Stock:  Yes.   Contact for more information.



VXS produces a range of processed fibres.  From pure Nylons, to PP, PET, CCT and specialty mixes.  We can supply your industrial, manufacturing or sport application.

In Stock:  Yes.   Contact for more information.


VXS Equestrian Footing is a unique product designed for use in equestrian rings and arenas - both indoor and outdoor.  The fibres and materials used to create our Footing provide a firm layer for riding while reducing dust and impact.  A great addition for both horse and rider.

VXS Footing, including our CCT mixes are made in Canada, decreasing your environmental footprint while improving the footprint of your horse.

In Stock:  Yes. Contact for more information.

Equestrian Footing

VXS Punching Bags

From inside-out, VXS punching bags are made entirely out of recycled and upcycled material. Tough, durable and made sustainably, these punching bags are ideal for your home gym, school gyms and even professional training facilities.


Our heavy bags are great for cardiovascular training and can accommodate punches, kicks and knees. Our material combination makes for ideal heavy bags, that can take a beating and disperse impacts efficiently.


In Stock:  Yes. Contact for more information.

Punching Bags
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