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What is Excess?

Excess is any material that has served its primary intended purpose and has the potential to be recycled or upcycled. It is often made up of synthetic materials, that are non-biodegradable. Once deposited in a landfill, these materials take several thousands of years to break down, and as such serve no purpose.


Excess material can often be recycled using various techniques in order to give them or their components a new life. By reintroducing excess materials into the manufacturing process, as raw materials for a new product, the burden on landfills is significantly reduced, energy and resources in extracting new raw materials are saved and the impact of greenhouse gasses is also reduced.


Excess materials may include:

Various forms of Carpet, including Carpet Tile and Broadloom; Ceiling tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Composite Tiles, Lighting, and Electronics amongst other items.


We refer to such material as Excess, as we do not believe that they are a form of waste, but raw material for new items.


Viking Recycling not only is a primary recycler of excess material, but also a producer of recycled products.

Check out our Services page and our VXS page to learn more.

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